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Purple Jam Creative enhanced Cela's digital presence, attracted new customers, and ultimately contributed to the client's business growth and success. Ream more

Cela Jewellery & Accessories

Ecommerce, Website Development, PPC Campaigns, SEO


Purple Jam Creative, in collaboration with the brand “Cela,” successfully completed an extensive project in 2021 involving ecommerce development, website enhancement, PPC campaigns, and SEO implementation. This comprehensive approach resulted in significant benefits for the client.

To elevate Cela’s online presence, Purple Jam Creative developed a user-friendly ecommerce platform, optimizing it for seamless navigation and enhanced shopping experiences. Through careful planning and strategic design, they created a visually captivating website that effectively showcased the brand’s products and facilitated easy online transactions.

Additionally, Purple Jam Creative crafted and executed targeted PPC campaigns, leveraging data-driven insights to drive qualified traffic and increase brand visibility. By optimising campaign performance, they helped Cela reach their target audience and generate higher conversions, ultimately boosting revenue and brand recognition.
Furthermore, Purple Jam Creative implemented a robust SEO strategy, optimizing the website’s content and structure to improve organic search rankings. This resulted in increased organic traffic, expanded brand visibility, and enhanced online discoverability for Cela’s products.


As a result of Purple Jam Creative’s work, the client experienced numerous benefits. Cela witnessed significant growth in online sales and revenue, thanks to the seamless ecommerce platform and optimized PPC campaigns driving qualified traffic. The improved search engine visibility through SEO efforts led to increased organic traffic and improved online discoverability. Overall, Purple Jam Creative’s comprehensive approach enhanced Cela’s digital presence, attracted new customers, and ultimately contributed to the client’s business growth and success.

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